Chapter16 - 1) Pre-trial rights a) Miranda Vs. Arizona 1996...

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1) Pre-trial rights a) Miranda Vs. Arizona 1996 b) The 5 th amendment protects me from incriminating myself. I am only required to give a police officer my name c) The 4 th amendment protects us from unreasonable searches. An unreasonable search is open for debate. There has to be probable cause or a reason to search. d) Police have to go to the judge to get a search warrant . This states why they want to search the area. They have to have justifications in the warrant. e) Exigent circumstances - there is no time to get a warrant due to an emergency. For example some ones life is in danger the police can search with out a warrant. No warrant and the police search anyways f) The judge decides whether the search was illegal or not. g) Habeas corpus states that police can not hold you for more than 72 hours. After 48 hours there has to be a charge and than another 24 to see a judge which = 72 h) For a felony you must be indicted or accused by a grand jury. They indict 90% of the time. This means you are able to put in a trial i) Arraignment is where you are formally told what you are being charged for. Than you enter a plea for each charge. j) A plea bargain may happen. They plea to a lesser charge k) If you are charged with a felony you are supposed to have a “speedy trial” l) One year in prison or more or a fine of more than a thousand $ it’s a felony m) Bail and bond- depending on your charge, a bail may already be pre set. There may be no bail at all if the court feels you may run or you may endanger someone. n) The constitution protects me from a bail that is to much money o) A bail is a grantee that you will come back for trial. You get all your money back if it is paid with cash p) Discovery period is where the police gather more information to prove the client
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Chapter16 - 1) Pre-trial rights a) Miranda Vs. Arizona 1996...

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