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how one should live

how one should live - education courage Why is such A life...

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Buddhism Confucius Socrates Aristotle Gita Native American What is the Freedom A life of virtue The examined Eudaimonia Release or Respect for good life? from suffering (Superior Person life (happiness or liberation from Earth. God, (nirvana) or Sage) flourishing) craving, fear, Others and selfishness, and freedom ignorance How can Eightfold Path Cultivating jen, li, hsiao, yi Socratic method Practice of Yoga (karma. Develop virtues the good life or Middle Way and of critical virtue jnana, bhakti) of truthfulness, be achieved? other virtues analysis honest)’, through practice strength, and endurance, and
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Unformatted text preview: education courage Why is such A life free from Virtue is Use of critical Humans are Liberation from We are all a life good suffering is intrinsically good reason is a duty uniquely moral ignorance related. and why does better than a and the practice for humans and rational overcomes the the means life of suffering of it leads to a since humans animals hence effects of karma lead to it? and the proof of life of are rational their purpose or the Path is in its balance and creatures end is to perfect practice social harmony. as far as This is in accord possible with the Way of these capacities. Heaven...
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