Why Bioengineering - o Functional MRI (brain functionings)...

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Why Bioengineering o Job possibilities o Money o Impact society BioE degree o Research o Med school o Medical devices Interest? o Personal o Friend/parent BioE is diverse o Specialize in 4 different options Penn state is a leader in the development of the artificial heart Dental and orthopedic implants o Knee/hip implants Fighting against cancer o Mechanisms of tumor migration o Quantum dots help target prostate cancer Improved diabetes therapy o Insulin pump o Micro needles o Ultrasound-aided insulin delivery Medical imaging o 4D ultrasound
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o MRI resolution (soft tissue better)
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Unformatted text preview: o Functional MRI (brain functionings) Proteomics, Genomics, & Bioinformatics Implantable Medical Devices o Cochlear implants o Deep brain stimulators o Pacemakers o Delivery pump for relief of pain associated with cancer Common Themes o Sound understanding of life sciences o Technical expertise o Interdisciplinary approach Integrates physical, chemical, mathematical, computational sciences and engineering principles BioEs heading where? o Graduate school o Medical School o Industry...
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Why Bioengineering - o Functional MRI (brain functionings)...

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