persuasivespeech - My purpose Persuading my audience to...

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My purpose: Persuading my audience to look beyond your own thoughts about marijuana and listen to the facts Central Idea: The ancient hot conflict is often more normal than not Intro 1) It dates back to when the earth was created 2) It is famous world wide as the absolute peacemaker for the people 3) It serves as food for mankind, and as a therapeutic cure for diverse diseases a) It is known as the wild flower of wisdom, angel's food, and the tree of life b) Because of the oppression placed on people, it is lifted as a type liberator for the people 4) Today, I don’t want to persuade, you, my audience to legalize marijuana, but I want to persuade you to reason logically, to think critically, and to make a responsible conclusion based on truth before choosing sides. I want to show the historical religious mentionings and the positive facts of marijuana because too often only the negative is established in people’s minds. If only false myths and false rumors are known about any subject, for that matter, the decision one makes can be biased and inaccurate. My audience should make this decision based on truthful information. (First off the historical religious findings will be discussed. I am assuming the majority of
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persuasivespeech - My purpose Persuading my audience to...

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