Chapter1 notes - Demos- the people Katos- power 1) Direct...

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Demos- “the people” Kato’s- “power” 1) Direct Democracies – Ancient Greek city states (Athens/Sparta) (a) Purest form of democracy (b) Potential for mob rule- dictatorship of the majority (c) Inefficient method for decision making in large societies 2) USA (a) Representative democracy (b) Republic (c) Constitutional democracy- Writen constitution / Bill of Rights (d) “Lockean” Democracy- John Locke and the natural rights of a man (1690’s) 3) Examples of Direct Democracy in the USA (a) No national Recall (b) Recall elections- to remove elected officials before term is up (c) Referendums – local level “city or state” yes or no questions (d) Officials don’t abuse their power 4) Alternatives to Democracy (a) Authoritarian or totalitarian systems / oligarchies (N. Korea) (b) Theocracies- Religious leaders overrule political leaders (c) One Party States- communists rule / one party (d) Anarchy- No Government / chaos (failed state) 5) First National Constitution and Government in the US (a) Thomas Paine- common since in 1775 (armed clashes) (b) 1776 Declaration of Independence (c) 1777 – Articles of Confederation established the congress of the confederation. The articles of confederation were not ratified by all 13 states until 1781 and lasted until 1788. 6) What is a confederation? (a) Loose alliance of states (b) Weak central or National government (c) Most power was in the hands of the states 7) Assembly of Ambassadors: 1770’s-1780’s ( Revolutionary war against Brittan)
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Chapter1 notes - Demos- the people Katos- power 1) Direct...

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