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Chapter2 notes - -There are no specific rules in the...

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1) Checks and Balances- constitutional safeguards “PG. 30” - Need for executive branch the most - Two branches working together - Congress can override presidents veto if 2/3 of both chamber agree - Federal court (supreme court) can change laws by Judicial Review - President has to have approval by the senate to pas a treaties - An example of checks and balances was Nixon getting impeached 2) Divided government - Congress runs the president - Republican president and democratic congress 3) Amending the constitution Proposing “PG.40” - Two was to propose a amendment - Written up and then the proposed amendment is introduced into the senate and house. It then has to be approved by 2/3 of the senate and the house - National constitutional convention is organized by congress and 2/3 of the states must approve. Ratifying - Two ways - Send the proposed amendment to the state legislatures and ¾ or 38 of the 50 states must approve - Send the proposed amendment to a special state ratifying convention
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Unformatted text preview: -There are no specific rules in the constitution saying how many people attend this convention, or where, or how long, there is no time limit in the constitution. It is up to the states.-ERA was a proposed amendment that a 7 year time limit was placed on but was not approved 4) The “Lost Amendment” The 27 th amendment “Need to read about this”-Was in the original bill of rights-Only three states ratified this-It was then forgotten about, and it was re introduced later by a student-This had to do with pay raises 5) Miscellaneous facts-Last year a gay marriage proposal to ban gay marriage was passed threw the house but not passed by 2/3 of the senate-If congress votes itself a pay raise it does not take affect until the next presidential term, but congress is not stupid enough to do this right before an election-State constitutions are longer than the Federal constitutions...
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