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CU Online Art 131 Living with Art, 10thedition Chapter 6 Study Questions 1.What medium did artist Shahzia Sikander use to create1, from 51 Ways of Looking, 2004? After reading about this work did you look at it again, with more interest because of the details you learned? Why or why not? 2.Thanks to what habit of Picasso’s do we have an “almost complete visual record of his mind at work?” 3.Which famous Renaissance artist used drawings to explore ideas in art, mathematics, science, engineering, and architecture? 4.Identify at least five materials besides paper that have provided support for drawings. 5.What type of media did Manabu Ikeda use to drawHistory of Rise and Fall, 2006? Did this surprise you? Why or why not? 6.What culture is credited with the invention of paper? How did the secret of paper spread from the culture which invented it to the rest of the world?
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