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CU Online Art 131 Living with Art, 10thedition Chapter 4 Study Questions 1.What are the eight visual elements of art?Which of the elements can best be strictly defined as “the path of a moving point”? 2.According to our author, what are the primary functions of line in art? What are directional lines? What are the qualities of flat, horizontal lines? What kinds of lines are considered to be the most dynamic? What type of quality do vertical lines suggest? 3.What is the difference between an “outline” and a “contour line”? How did Jennifer Pastor use contour lines inThe Perfect Ride,2000? 4.Explain the term “implied lines”. 5.What is the difference between “shape” and “mass”? Into what two broad categories can shapes and masses be divided? What are the characteristics of the two categories? 6.Define “implied shapes”.How did Raphael use “implied shape” inThe Madonna of the Meadows, 1505? 7.How did contemporary artist Doug Wheeler’s childhood influence him to become an artist “whose work increases our awareness of light as a presence in our world”?What do you think he meant when he said, “…That’s what I started playing with as an artist: not looking at things but the tension in between things”? 8.
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