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Unformatted text preview: P reparation for Faculty I nte rview Homework #4 Jacob Knotts As a group (the same group as your social activity) you will interview a faculty member as an upcoming assignment. To prepare for this interview, each group needs to wri te three good questions that you would want to ask a faculty member. I will compile the questions from each group and dist ribute them so that each group can prepare to interview a faculty member. 1) How does a B.S. in Bioengineering prepare students for a career after graduation? 2) What kinds of projects are you working on in your field of research? 3) What are your plans for future research? Also, list 3 faculty members that your group would like to in terview in descending order of preference. I will assign you a faculty member to interview based on preference and availability. You can look that the Bioengineering website ( to see a list of faculty members. 1) Dr. Peter J. Butler 2) Dr. Nadine Bar rie Smith 3) Dr. Cheng Dong ...
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