Possible Questions for Faculty Interview

Possible Questions for Faculty Interview - POSSIBLE...

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POSSIBLE QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN YOU INTERVIEW A FACULTY MEMBER 1. What kind of research are you involved in? 2. What are some of the past and current research projects you have been a part of and why were you interested in those fields? 3. What does your research focus on and have you made any important discoveries in your research? 4. How has your research impacted the medical world? 5. What are your plans for future research? 6. What made you decide which aspect of bioengineering to do your research on? What led you to choose your major or field of study? 7. What is the most rewarding experience of your career thus far? 8. What is a typical day as a bioengineer like? 9. Depending on the different levels of education, what is the typical salary both at start and later through ones career? 10. What one piece of advice would you want us as first year students to know as we begin our college education? 11. What other options did you consider after receiving your bachelor’s degree and what made you decide to go for a PhD? 12. What were the characteristics of the bioengineering program at Penn State that drew you to continue your research at this university? 13. What has been the hardest and most complicated thing you have had to deal with in
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Possible Questions for Faculty Interview - POSSIBLE...

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