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Bachelor Economie – Management Accounting jaar 2, periode 1 Case te behandelen tijdens de AWV Deze week richt de aandacht zich op Exercise 10-40 en Case 10-63 Exercise 10-40 (30 minutes) The overall long-term goal for a profit-seeking enterprise generally is profitability. This means that the key long-term goal in a profit-seeking business’s balanced scorecard involves the financial perspective. In contrast, an educational institution has multiple, and sometimes conflicting, goals. Most colleges and universities have teaching, research and public service as their missions. It is very difficult, then, to specify a single, overriding long-term goal for an educational institution. . Is it turning out the best students, producing the most significant research, or some other objective? Moreover, measuring success in achieving these objectives is also extremely difficult. Answers will vary on this requirement, depending on the student’s college or university, the institution’s specified goals, and the student’s viewpoint. Case 10-63 (60 minutes) 1. Standard cost of lots 22, 23, and 24: M ETRO F ASHIONS , I NC . S TANDARD C OST OF P RODUCTION F OR N OVEMBER Lot Quantity (boxes) Standard Cost per Box Total Standard Cost N42. ...................................................................... 2,000
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Uitwerking_case_MA21_week2 - Bachelor Economie Management...

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