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Sport Term Assignment - Term Assignment: Benefits and...

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Term Assignment: Benefits and Detriments of High School Athletics High school athletics always has it’s ups and downs. They can have a positive effect on students, yet it can also take away some of the needs of those students. There are many questions that asked as a result from theses tournaments. Do these athletics help prepare for college? How much class time is missed? How many athletes actually benefit? Most parents ask these questions to themselves, but do they really know and understand the answer to them? When it comes to a student athlete, there can be many benefits along with it. First of all, there are lessons that can be learned. Points like sportsmanship and teamwork are learned. On a team, it’s not playing as an individual, but its to work together as a team to succeed. A student also learns between winning and losing. When losing, it’s taught not to be a sore loser. It’s about learning that winning isn’t everything and it’s okay to lose sometimes. Losing makes room to recognize where improvement is needed. Students also learn self-discipline. Participants in sports also are better students academically. They have a lower drop-out rate, their grade point average is better, they have a better attendance record, and less discipline
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Sport Term Assignment - Term Assignment: Benefits and...

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