Sport Writing Assignment E

Sport Writing Assignment E - 1. The Olympic Games have...

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1. The Olympic Games have evolved into one of the most significant social forces of modernity. This concept was based on several different things. Athletes came from all over the world to compete against others, but at the same time, communicate, greet, and understand the different cultures of their competitors. Athletes would test themselves against the best of the best out there, and learn to play fair and show peace, harmony, and cooperation, which allowed the Olympics to act as a force of world peace. Dr. William Penny Brookes established the modern Olympic Games in England. He first created the Wenlock Olympian Class, which was an organization that promoted the moral, physical, and intellectual development of the residents. They held the first Wenlock Olympics. This started to interested many athletes, who traveled from all over to compete. However, the Greek government was not in the financial position to support his request. Later on, a man named Baron Pierre De Coubertin wanted to revive these games. He sent invitations to sport
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Sport Writing Assignment E - 1. The Olympic Games have...

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