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Sport writing assignment 1

Sport writing assignment 1 - 1.History shows us how far...

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1.History shows us how far we're come in developing sports. It shows how we became the way that we behave showing aggression and competition. Some people believe that it can help to forecast the future . It also serves as a source of inspiration and motivation. All the achievements and failures followed with the courage and sacrifice of others inspire people today and make them want to be great like the athletes of long ago. History also gives us ideas and structures designed to sport an event. For example, the Colosseum of Rome held great gladiator battles, even though its not thought of as a sport by most, yet is it still a structure that is still visited today by people around the world. Some things will never change from what was in the past, and others new ideas are still to come in the future. 1. 2. Socrates and Plato's views divide the body and the mind, also called dualism. The body was known to be evil and infects the mind. Our body is what fools our mind and we should not trust it. Once we die, our souls are free. Our mind is what is contains all the knowledge. We must
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