Meaders Test 2 Review Key

Meaders Test 2 Review Key - Congress 1. Why is Congress...

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1. Why is Congress considered to be so inefficient? Because individual Congressmen try to gain favor from their constituency 2. What is the most important power of Congress? The power of the purse 3. How many chambers does the U.S. Congress have? What do we call that? The U.S. Congress has two chambers, therefore it is bicameral. 4. Who is more important, the House of Representatives or the Senate? They are equally important. 5. Which of the two chambers is more powerful? Neither, they are equally powerful. 6. What is the Congressional Budget Office? The CBO is a support agency of Congress. 7. What does the General Accounting Office of Congress oversee? The executive branch (it has nothing to do with money) 8. Who is the presiding officer in the House? What is his/her title? Nancy Pelosi. She is the Speaker of the House, and the first woman to ever hold this office. 9. Why are parties in the United States so important? Because parties are a means of organization, which is especially important for Congress; this is also why party members accept party discipline because otherwise they could not get anything done 10. How do the Democrats elect their leaders? How about Republicans? Democrats elect them through party caucuses, and Republicans through party conferences. 11. What happens if there is a tie vote in the Senate? The vice president, Dick Cheney, breaks the tie. 12. What happens if the vice president is not there, who takes over? Is his position important? If the vice president is not there, the president pro tempore will take over.
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Meaders Test 2 Review Key - Congress 1. Why is Congress...

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