Summer Review Exam 1

Summer Review Exam 1 - Review for Exam 1 1 Elections in the...

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Review for Exam 1 1) Elections in the United States are 1) A) a poor reflection of how the people feel about an issue. B) the political parties' way to take over America. C) far and few between compared to other countries. D) more important today than they were in earlier periods of history. Page Ref: 3 2) Looking ahead to a next election affects 2) A) what Congress passes and kills. B) what media cover or ignore. C) what presidents propose, sign, or veto. D) all of the above Page Ref: 3 3) Elections 3) A) are always free and open expressions of popular sentiments. B) rarely give more power to some groups than others. C) are how the "people" rule. D) serve to block special interests. Page Ref: 3 4) The elections in the United States that receive the most attention are 4) A) national. B) local. C) state. D) municipal. Page Ref: 4 5) The United States has ________ elections than (as) any other country. 5) A) about the same number of B) far fewer C) more D) fewer Page Ref: 4 6) The elections in which the party chooses its nominees are called 6) A) nominations. B) recalls. C) nonpartisan. D) primaries. Page Ref: 5 7) A proposed law or amendment placed on the ballot by citizen petition is called a(n) 7) A) referendum. B) initiative. C) recall. D) primary. Page Ref: 5 8) A law or constitutional amendment proposed by a legislature or city council that does not go into effect until the majority of voters approve it is called a(n) 8) A) referendum. B) initiative. C) approval ballot. D) recall. Page Ref: 5 1
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9) Dissatisfied citizens attempt to remove incumbent public officials before the completion of their terms through 9) A) general elections. B) referenda. C) initiatives. D) recall elections. Page Ref: 4 10) American exceptionalism means that 10) A) we have more elections than most other countries. B) we often disagree with the United Nations. C) the U.S. is unique in its capitalist structure. D) we are more religious than other countries. Page Ref: 4 11) Many citizens in the United States believe that 11) A) government wastes tax dollars and delivers too little. B) government costs too much. C) politics is needlessly contentious and often corrupt. D) all of the above Page Ref: 6 12) Governments 12) A) hold a monopoly on the legitimate use of force. B) are often mistrusted because they are corrupt. C) are better at the state level than at the federal level. D) have been less democratic over time. Page Ref: 6 13) The key to representative democracy 13) A) is that citizens are better educated in this type of government. B) is that free elections are held. C) is that politicians are smarter than the citizens. D) revolves around the US Congress. Page Ref: 9 14) A system in which government is formed by a few leaders who gain office by means of wealth, military power, or membership in a single political party is called a(n) 14) A) republic. B) aristocracy. C) democracy. D) oligarchy. Page Ref: 8
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Summer Review Exam 1 - Review for Exam 1 1 Elections in the...

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