Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 What is one of the problems that...

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Chapter 13 What is one of the problems that occurs because the president has a national constituency? The presidency must respond to the voters before they can address their responsibilities to Congress. The voters hold presidents responsible for many events and conditions over which they have little control . The relationship with Congress can be more contentious due to the results of a national election. The voters only get to voice their opinions once every four years. Polling becomes less accurate in a national forum thus giving presidents false information about the success or failure of their administration. Which of these is NOT one of the expectations of the public in terms of the president's responsibilities? to administer a complex bureaucracy to manage the economy and conduct foreign policy to promote desired legislation to respond to disasters and social problems All are the above are part of the president's responsibilities. What is the profile of the party constituency of a president compared to the national constituency? The party constituency is less influential than the national constituency. The party constituency is more mainstream than the national constituency. The party constituency is less extreme than the national constituency. The party constituency is more extreme than the national constituency . The party constituency is about the same ideologically as the national constituency. Why are the legislators practically compelled to reject a recommendation from the president in an opposition-controlled Congress? They will not be reelected once it is seen that they have endorsed the president. By endorsing the president, their ability to leverage their collective strength is negated. If they don't, they will be seen as turncoats and never be able to work with the members of their own party again. If they don't, it appears that they are endorsing their own party's leadership through indirect means. If they don't, they are endorsing the president's leadership and strengthening his party for the next election. What is divided government? when the control of one party in Congress is so strong as to make any minority legislation virtually impossible the control of the presidency by one party and the control of one or both houses by another the division of the government into three branches when the majority of Americans express opinions supporting one party but the other party is in control of Washington when the party that controls the House is different than that of the Senate Which of these was NOT a way that Theodore Roosevelt mobilized support for his programs using the "bully pulpit"?
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through presidential trips through the support of other candidates through bold gestures through forceful speeches All of the above were methods Theodore Roosevelt used to mobilize support.
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Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 What is one of the problems that...

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