Animal+Comp-new - Advance Multicellularity Phylum...

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Porifera “pore-bearing” Cnidaria “Stinging” Nematoda “Roundworms” Platyhelminthes “Flatworms” Annelida “Segmented worms” Mollusca “Soft-bodied” Arthropoda “Jointed foot” Echinodermata “Spiny skinned” Chordata “Cord” Symmetry None Level of Organization Multicellular Tissue Layers n/a Key Evolutionary
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Unformatted text preview: Advance Multicellularity Phylum Characteristics Sessile adults, filter feeders Unique Features Intracellular digestion, amoebocytes , choanocytes, spicules Representatives Sponges Habitat(s) Marine; aquatic Human Impact (economic, agricultural, medicinal, etc.) Commercial bath sponges...
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Animal+Comp-new - Advance Multicellularity Phylum...

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