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Icon Exam One - for PITT IR Teams 1. Windows SharePoint Services is A. a toolset for maintaining and sharing documents 2. MOSS is: C. a toolset for creating portals and workflows 3. C2C is: D. e-commerce term for consumer-to-consumer activity 4. An example of peer to peer technology is: C. Gnutella 5. SOAP refers to: A. simple object access protocol 6. A software system designed to support interoperable machine to machine interaction over a network is referred to as: A. web service 7. WSDL refers to: C. Web services description language 8. An example an online of social networks is: B. SecondLife 9. Among the core aspects of Web2.0 are: D. all of the above 10. RIA refers to: C. rich internet applications 11. In the early days of the WWW, web technology was primarily: A. page-based 12. The DTD that is most appropriate with CSS is: B. strict 13. Almost all HTML pages today: E. none of the above 14. XML documents: D. all of the above 15. The web technology that allows you to have a consistent look and feel among a variety of HTML pages is:
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A. CSS 16. Scripting whereby the browser will execute code is referred to as: B. Client-side scripting 17. A stand-alone software component that has a unique URI can be referred to as a: B. Web Service 18. The formatted language used to describe a Web service’s capabilities as collections of communication endpoints capable of exchanging messages is referred to as: A. WSDL 19. The XML-based registry for businesses to list themselves on the Internet is: B. UDDI 20. With which P2P technology does downloading automatically lead to uploading? B. BitTorrent 21. Dotnetkuke is: C. a web development framework 22. RIA’s are: B. rich internet applications that are available online 23. For client-side implementation of RIA’s: A. the server performs data handling 24. The level in which a RIA application behaves more like a desktop application than a web page is referred to as: E. richness 25. OWA: C. functions better in IE 26. The term Ajax actually means:
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Exam1 - Icon Exam One for PITT IR Teams 1 Windows...

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