e2_examples_key - Please print First name: (Do NOT write...

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Page 1 of 4 P l e a s e p r i n t F i r s t n a m e : Last name: (Do NOT write any part of your SSN) B I O 3 2 5 E x a m 2 ± 100 points, 40 points short answer, 60 points multiple choice ± For short answer questions (1-4), write your answers in ink in the space below each question. Points per question are indicated. Partial credit will be given where appropriate. ± Multiple choice questions (5-16) are worth 5 points each. For these, pick the single best answer from the options and mark it on the Scantron in pencil . Only the Scantron answer will count and there is no partial credit. ± Use the blank sides for scratch paper. Return this exam and the Scantron at the end. 1. Below is shown a section of a longer double-stranded DNA molecule (12 points) coding strand 5'- A T G T C C T A T A T G T A T G A T A G C T G G T T A C T C A A C A T G T A G -3' 3'- T A C A G G A T A T A C A T A C T A T C G A C C A A T G A G T T G T A C A T C -5' template strand a) What is the longest polypeptide that can be synthesized based on this section of DNA, assuming that either strand of the DNA can be the template for RNA synthesis? (4 points) 12 amino–acids b) On the DNA shown above, mark the coding strand and the template strand for transcription, which yields the RNA that when translated will give the longest possible polypeptide. Indicate all of the 5' ends and the 3' ends on the DNA shown above. (4 points) c) Below, write the sequence of this RNA, and mark the stop and start codons on the RNA. (4 points) 5'-A U G U C C U A U A U G U A U G A U A G C U G G U U A C U C A A C A U G U A G-3' start stop 2. (8 points) The origin of replication in E. coli contains a specific DNA sequence. Let's say this is
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e2_examples_key - Please print First name: (Do NOT write...

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