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CHEM 001 Class 10 Class Notes February 6, 2008 C. Cecil Cuppett, Ph.D. Chapter 4 continued: 1. Fossil fuels are gas, oil, and coal. These substances were formed from plants and animals millions of years ago. Materials were closed off to oxygen and buried underground. The carbon had no chance to oxidize to carbon dioxide. These materials are now recovered with a high potential to release chemical and heat energy. (Much like real time energy is obtained from plant sugar—like sweet corn!) 2. The supply of fossil fuels is limited and demand for them cause political pressure. 3. The product of burning these materials is carbon dioxide. This gas may be causing the Earth’s atmosphere to become warmer. Carbon dioxide bounces back the heat of infrared radiation. 4. Benefits and problems with natural gas: a. Gas burns very clean leaving no soot or carbon monoxide (if enough oxygen is present). b.
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