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Carson Gordon 6 March 2008 English 15 Essay #2 Not My Household…We’re Rich Families in America today are always growing and changing in positive ways. Quality of life for the average American family is one of the best in the world. But America is also plagued with violence. Violence is not only occurring on the streets but in our living rooms. This particular type of violence is known on the whole as domestic violence. Many American homes are littered with its existence and many types of violence continue to be everyday occurrences. Despite this rising crime level, the quality of life for the typical American remains on the rise. Some households seem to have a barrier preventing them from living a healthy and happier life. There are many differences and similarities between the typical healthy household and the violent home. Through comparing the average home with a violent household there is evidence why these crimes have come to exist and be more or less favorable as a result of income, education, living area, and social connection. Everyone wants to live the typical American lifestyle. Rachel Gordon elaborating, “All I ever wanted was to live in a house with a white picket fence… (CNET)” A wish that almost all Americans have heard said before. The truth is that average style of living in America is among the top 15 countries to live in worldwide. The average American family earns over 59,000 dollars annually. Twenty-seven percent of Americans are graduating college with a degree, and parents are bringing about two children on average into the world and providing them with great love and care(Infoplease). Children are attending elementary through high school at a higher rate 1
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DomesticCrime - 1 Carson Gordon 6 March 2008 English 15...

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