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COMM 20113 – Dr. Schrodt p. 1 Beebe et al. (2005), Wood (2007) Interpersonal Perception Interpersonal perception is the process by which you decide what people are like and give meaning to their actions. 3 Stages: 1. Selecting stimuli – what is selective perception? 2. Organizing stimuli Punctuation. Refers to the start and stop of episodes of interaction. 3. Interpreting stimuli – assigning meaning (and inferring causality) to behavior. Impression Management Impression formation theory o We form impressions of others through perceptions of physical qualities and behaviors, information people disclose about themselves, and through third parties. o “First impressions are lasting impressions” ( Primacy effect vs. recency effect ) Implicit personality theory o Pattern of associated qualities that we attribute to people – allows us to understand them. o Consist of stereotypes. o
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Week_3_-_Perception_&_Communication - COMM 20113...

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