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COMM 20113 – Dr. Schrodt p. 1 WEEK 2 – IPC & THE CREATION OF SELF Defining the “Self” The self emerges through Interaction with others, and is a multidimensional process that involves internalizing and acting from social perspectives. 5 Principles to the “Self” PRINCIPLE 1: OUR “SELVES” EMERGE OUT OF COMMUNICATION WITH OTHERS Consider self-fullfilling prophesies – occurs when we act in ways that reflect others’ expectations or judgments about us. Communication in the Family – the family is our first communication environment, and from it, we derive direct definitions, identity scripts , and attachment styles . Direct definition is communication that explicitly tells us who we are by labeling us and our behaviors (i.e., the “black sheep” of the family, etc.). According to Brazelton (1997), how a child is treated in the first 8 months of life sets an expectation of success or failure in life. Identity scripts include rules for living and identity – i.e., “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right” or “Waste not, want not.”
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Week_2_-_IPC_&_the_creation_of_Self - COMM 20113 –...

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