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CHEM 001 Class 12 Class Notes February 11, 2008 C. Cecil Cuppett, Ph.D. Chapter 5: 1. Carbon can bond to halogens (F, Cl, Br ) to form many useful and commonly used compounds. a. Methylene chloride CH 2 Cl 2 (paint stripper) b. Methly bromide CH 3 Br (soil fumigant in agriculture---kills bacteria, viruses, insects, worms and weeds) c. Chloroform CHCl 3 (Anesthetic and fat solvent , modern anesthetic is halothane, CF 3 CHClBr) d. Carbon tetrachloride CCl 4 (dry cleaning solvent) e. Chlorofluorocarbons CCl 2 F 2 , CCl 3 F (Freon-11, Freon-12 are used as refrigerants in coolers and air conditioners) 2. All the above compounds are harmful to the ozone in the upper levels (where the jets fly) of the atmosphere. Without the ozone increased amounts of ultraviolet radiation reaches the Earth and this may cause damage to humans and to plants. 3. Polymers are substances that are comprised of repeating units called monomers . Some polymers are natural (starch, protein, silk, wood, DNA) and others are man-made. Polymers that can be molded,
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