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Social Ecology 10, Summer 2008, Pazzani-Raitt Midterm Review Sheet Midterm: Wednesday August 20 th at 1:00 pm The midterm will consist of multiple choice questions and short answer questions. The multiple choice portion will utilize a scantron form (F158). Please bring a Social Ecology scantron form and a number 2 pencil. Calculators will be allowed for the math portions of the test. If you only have a graphing calculator you will need to show me that the memory is empty. A regular calculator will be sufficient for the calculations you will be asked to do. The following topics and terms may be covered on the midterm: Theory Experimental Design and Notation Empirical Control Groups Research Questions Alternative Hypotheses Conceptualizing Within Subjects Designs Operationalizing Between Subjects Designs Independent and Dependant Variables Representativeness Inductive and Deductive Research The Scientific Method
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Unformatted text preview: Paradigm and Paradigm Shift Errors in Non-Scientific Measurement Levels of Measurement Discrete and Continuous Variables Histograms Central Tendency: Mean, Median, Mode Dispersion: Range, Interquartile-Range (will not have to calculate IQR) Skew Outliers Components of Measurement: True Score, Error, Observed Score Random Error Non-Random Error- Bias and Wrong Construct Measurement Reliability, including tests for reliability Measurement Validity, including criterion, face/content, and construct validity Null Hypothesis Research Hypothesis Type I and II errors Correlation Causation, what it is, how you show it Direct, Reverse, Reciprocal, Spurious, Indirect Causation, and Measurement Association Internal Validity Threats to Internal Validity- Group, Time, and Combination Threats Sampling Terminology Probability Sampling Non-Probability Sampling...
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  • Summer '08
  • Pazzani-Raitt
  • Internal Validity- Group, Measurement Association, reliability Measurement Validity, validity Null Hypothesis, Theory Experimental Design and Notation Empirical Control Groups

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