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Midterm+Review+1 - Drug Trade Continues 10.What is the...

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Midterm Review 1 Exam next Tuesday Need F-158 (red and white) Scantron for exam. No. 2 pencil Organized Crime 0. What is organized crime? 1. How do we recognize it? 2. What relationship between society and organized  crime? Illustrations 3. What are some of the illustrations between society  and organized crime? 4. How has society responded? 5. When does society’s response change to  organized crime? Sex Trafficking 6. What does sex trafficking look like as an example  of organized crime?  Drug trade 7. What is the Golden triangle?
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8. Where our drugs from the Golden triangle  brokered? 9. What can you tell me about the Golden triangle’s  underground banking system
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Unformatted text preview: Drug Trade Continues 10.What is the Golden Crescent? 11.Where did the drugs go? 12.Who is Enrique Camarena? 13.Who murdered him? Legal stuff 14.What is objective territorial principle? 15.What is extraterritoriality? 16.What is important about the Vasquez-Velaso ruling? Basics of exam 17.It covers all lectures, Five Points Video, Gotti film and all readings-Boss Tweed, Chambers Brothers, Sex Trafficking. 18.33 objective format questions 0. Multiple choice and true and false 19.Pencil and Scantron F-158 20.Non-cumulative Extra office hour 21.I will be in my office on Tuesday from noon to 12:30....
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Midterm+Review+1 - Drug Trade Continues 10.What is the...

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