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C131 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE global market system and sex trafficking organized crime 9 attributes & how well these attributes fit with various OC groups. 1. Is nonideological 2. Is hierarchical 3. Has a limited or exclusive membership 4. Perpetuates itself 5. Are constituted as a unique subculture. (This attribute is newly added to the list.) 6. Exhibits a willingness to use illegal violence and bribery 7. Demonstrates specialization / division of labor 8. Is monopolistic 9. Is governed by rules and regulations. The Golden Triangle, SE Asia, Bangkok, Thailand. The Golden Crescent, SW Asia; Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan objective territorial principle structure of various drug organizations Colombian Enrique Camarena “chop” Nigerian courier scheme Escobar’s “insurance company” 1980s cocaine trade expansion Big-Eared Tu attitude toward the Communists Yakuza, banks, mainstream business Yakuza, earthquake, 1995 Professor Dombrink’s guest lecture, “Federal efforts against organized crime”
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