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1. AFRICAN-AMERICAN ORGANIZED CRIME CHICAGO 1890-1960 2. MISTAKEN POPULAR BELIEF groups, led to a popular belief that African Americans did not participate in what came to be known as organized crime in America’s urban centers.” 3. 1861-forward: in-migration, settled in center of Chicago along the Chicago River, then Community. 4. World War I European immigration stopped. Some Europeans returned to Europe to fight. Need for workers in war-related industry. Labor recruited from Southern US. Chicago northernmost RR terminus. Chicago Defender newspaper. 5. 6. BLACK METROPOLIS City within a city. 7 miles long, 1 ½ miles wide. 300,000 African-Americans lived there. Elected officials Business community Underworld 7. SOUTH SIDE POLITICAL POWER South Side: independent political force. Chicago politicians sought South Side endorsement.
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  • Spring '08
  • Bickford
  • black gambling overlords, African-American gambling operations, black vice syndicate, Chicago vice lord, Nickel gambling house

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