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1. OUTLAW MOTORCYCLE GANGS (OMG) ONE-PERCENTERS 2. THE BIG 4 1%-ERS 1. HELLS ANGELS (HAMC) 2. BANDIDOS MC 3. OUTLAWS MC 4. PAGANS 3. HELLS ANGELS 1950s: Just being Pissed Off. Macho: drink and make noise. Troublemakers. 1960s-70s: Crowd control for Rolling Stones. 1970s-present: Extortion For Italian American mafia Supply dancers for strip clubs. Enforcers. 4. 1948-2008 FROM “BERDOO” TO THE WORLD THE HELLS ANGELS: 1947 Pissed Off Bastards of Berdoo “POBOB” 1947 Hollister Incident July 4 weekend Late 1950s, Sonny Barger, Oakland HQ 1960s expanded into world
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The Hollister Incident July 4 weekend 1947. 6. 1953 1967 1969 1950s-1960s movie themes: counterculture, freedom. 7. 8. 9. "Smilin' Rick" Fabel. 7-½ years in prison for racketeering. RICO offenses: mail fraud, extortion and trafficking in stolen motorcycles. June 2007 conviction. Seattle, WA. Head of a “criminal enterprise.” Age 50 HAMC Washington Nomads chapter. 10. HELLS ANGELS SAN DIEGO 2005 Guy Castiglione, “Big Daddy,” “The Boss,” president of SD chapter. Racketeering guilty plea. 6 year sentence. 9 HA members pleaded guilty to racketeering charges. 21 drug dealers in business with HA also arrested. 11. FEDERAL RICO PROSECUTION FAILS 1980. 12. HELLS ANGELS UPSCALE IN MANHATTAN 13. National organizational structure 15. PATCH DESIGNATIONS 16. RULES ACCORDING TO SONNY BARGER 17. BUREAUCRATIC STRUCTURE: TYPICAL OMG CHAPTER. 18. U.S. OMGs
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