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1. ORGANIZED CRIME, GLOBALLY Galeotti says, _OC has a history dating back to the ancient world, a shadowy underside to order. _When societies get organised, so do their criminals. _ 2. OC IS NOT A MODERN PHENOMENON _ 19 th c. Immigrants to US? _ 17 th _ Antiquity? 3. Primal human tendency _ Provide opportunity for illegal structures. 4. ANCIENT EXAMPLES _ Ancient Greece: Protection rackets preyed on olive growers. _ 1 st _ 605-1905; Gangs of unemployed eunuchs rejected by the Imperial Chinese civil service. _ 11 th c. Assassins of Alamut. _ 15 th c. Coquillards. 5. HISTORICAL MODEL OF OC: MEMBERS OF THE ELITE. _ Social standing gave them gave them charisma, authority, basis to gather gang, & contact trust with potential targets. 6. 14 th th CENTURY: INCREASED SOPHISTICATION _ Events at the time: _Reinventing the state. _Primitive beginnings of modern economy. _Rise of cash economy. 7. IS IT ORGANIZED CRIME, OR WARLORDISM? breaking any laws. _When no laws apply, it may be warlordism, immorality, thuggishness, or exploitation, but not crime. _ Banditry? Or low-intensity warfare? 8. BREAKING LAWS OR OBEYING THEM? _ Ideology? _Articulated, explicit political belief system? Or, _Exploiting opportunities for collective or individual advancement; and sometimes, statemaking. 9. THE STUDY OF ORGANIZED CRIME IS AN ASPECT OF THE STUDY OF _Not “bad apples” _Not immigrants.
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_Not demonized communities _ Exploitation of the weak, or weapon of resistance to exploitation. 10. POLICING CAN NEVER ‘SOLVE’ THE PROBLEM OF OC.
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