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C131 Z08 ORGANIZED CRIME MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE. Please consult lecture outlines or Google phrases before emailing me for feedback on questions. Page 1 of 12 1) Organized crime, society, government and government are interdependent. Each apex of this triangle supports and feeds the other apexes. How? 2) Government enables and utilizes organized crime. How? • Colonial times were warring times, • The wars were fought on the open seas. • The European colonial powers were distant across the Atlantic Ocean from their colonies. • The colonial powers hired privateers to assist them in warring against their rivals and in o protecting their colonies. 3) Organized crime aids and supports society. How? o o • Friendly governors sheltered the privateers & pirates, and gained a fee for providing safe haven. o o o 4) What is the difference between a privateer and a pirate? • They were hired by one nation to fight another nation. • They showed the authorizing nation’s flag in a corner of the ship’s flag. • They received a letter of marque from a government. • The letter of marque authorized them to privateer against the enemy. • They were supposed to capture only ships of the designated enemy. 5) What is a letter of marque? Letter of permission 6) Significance of the blockade of Charleston Harbor in 1718? What was it about the blockade that contributed to the waning of piracy? • Blackbeard's blockade of Charleston, SC, in late May, 1718 marks the beginning of the o end of the Golden Age of Piracy. May 1718 • Blackbeard’s flotilla blockaded the Charleston harbor. • Some important citizens of Charleston and the 4-year-old child of one of them were taken hostage. • A ransom of medicines was demanded and paid; and the hostages were released unharmed. • Blackbeard returned to NC and was pardoned again. 7) Blackbeard. • His origins are unclear. • He went by the name Edward Teach. • He emerged on the colonial piracy scene in 1713 as a crewman aboard another’s ship. • In 1716 he had his own ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. • His solo career lasted only 27 months, ending in November 1718. The creation of Blackbeard’s image. • Most men of the period did not wear beards.
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Page 2 of 12 • Blackbeard grew a coarse, black beard that covered his face. • He twisted it into little pigtails, tied with ribbons.
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C131 MIDTERM+STUDY+GUIDE-1 - Page 1 of 12 C131 Z08...

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