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C131+1Pirates+++Privateers+Word+2003 - 1 Organized Crime In...

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1. 2. Organized Crime is interdependent with legitimate society. 3. Interdependence. 4. A visit to colonial America will illustrate this idea. 5. In the 1500s privateer & pirate activity moved into the new-found territories of the Americas. In the 1600s privateer & pirate activity blossomed in colonial America & the West Indies. From 1690-1730 privateer & pirate activity in the colonies & West Indies was at its peak: it is known as the Golden Age of Piracy. Golden Age of Piracy. After 1718, the Golden Age of Piracy Golden Age of Piracy began to wane. 6. 7. We will begin our study of organized crime by examining how social, governmental & economic forces of colonial times shaped a transition from privateering to piracy–an early form of organized crime--and then compelled an end to the phenomenon. 8. Colonial times were warring times, The wars were fought on the open seas. The European colonial powers were distant across the Atlantic Ocean from their colonies. The colonial powers hired privateers to assist them in warring against their rivals and in protecting their colonies. 9. Privateers were mercenaries They were hired by one nation to fight another nation. They showed the authorizing nation’s flag in a corner of the ship’s flag. They received a letter of marque from a government. 10. Privateers were mercenaries. The letter of marque authorized them to privateer against the enemy. They were supposed to capture only ships of the designated enemy. 11. Privateers became pirates. But their pay derived from their plunder. If they did not find enemy ships they plundered any ship that came along. 12. Organized crime British-hired privateers hunted Spanish ships, looted them, sank them or commandeered them. They sailed into British colony ports, dominating the scene and serving to ward off Spanish invaders. 13. Organized crime aids & supports society.
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Friendly governors sheltered the privateers & pirates, and gained a fee for providing safe haven.
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C131+1Pirates+++Privateers+Word+2003 - 1 Organized Crime In...

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