ENG101 visual analysis final draft

ENG101 visual analysis final draft - Dwayne Dunlap Eng 101...

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Dwayne Dunlap Eng 101 Fruit Silver Dishes and Fruit by Victor Vasiliev (also known as Vivas) paints a picture more common to beginning artists, a still-life picture of fruit on a table. However, more technique envelopes the painting than what a beginner would be able to put into it. In a painting 1 there may lay a certain attraction to objects in a painting that draws people a little deeper into the meaning of the picture. Vivas accomplished this with his fruit. The fruit draws you into the painting and you realize why he painted this picture. The painting itself has a lot of nostalgic features which people cannot help but feel mesmerized by the exactness of the shapes, and the lifelike images of the fruit and dishes. In the painting there appears a stone table that has a silky sheet carefully draped over it, but half of the sheet is pushed aside in haste to make clear for a half cut lemon with its yellow gold outer-layer visible on a silver plate. A brilliantly hand crafted cup sits upon the table on the right side of the plate with some intricate designs on it. There is also a huge silver bowl, with the rim leafed out like a flower, full of delicious cherries that have that little thing sticking out of the tops of them. A golden apple sits proudly on the corner of the table; its waxy skin 1. Artwork found online at http://www.gallery-worldwide.com/cnMax.jsp? path=1077563381243&file=1111761648472_549X370.jpg&size=600
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Dwayne Dunlap Eng 101 gleaming in the pale light, and the stem branches off into a feathery leaf which just tickles the apple. On the other side of the table the silky table cloth sits a tall silver dispenser that towers over all the other dishes in the picture. The dispenser has a curious pattern of what looks like an overly muscular man under an arch way that has the middle droop down to make a circle and in the circle it shows a pattern that I cannot define. This dispenser is what the sheet folds around upon to make it seem to be hastily pushed aside to make way for the lemon and the golden apple. There on the
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ENG101 visual analysis final draft - Dwayne Dunlap Eng 101...

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