ADM Nimitz - Admiral Chester William Nimitz was born on 24...

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Admiral Chester William Nimitz was born on 24 February 1885 in Texas. At an early age Chester new that he wanted to serve his country. His first look was to join the army, however when he applied to West Point there were no openings available for him to take, so instead he took a competitive exam that granted him the privilege of becoming a Midshipman at the US Naval Academy. He left for the Naval Academy before he finished high school. At the Naval Academy Nimitz excelled in many areas, his best subject was mathematics. Nimitz was described as a “‘of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows.’” by the Naval Academy’s yearbook. Nimitz graduated with honors being 7 th in his class of about 114. Nimitz first ship was the USS Ohio, which he cruised to the Far East in during his two year sea duty that he was required by law to do. After which he became an Ensign in 1907, Nimitz took command the gunboat USS Panay. Shortly after Nimitz took control of the USS Decatur, and not that after he took command Nimitz was court-martialed for grounding the ship; an obstacle that he had to overcome. After the court-martial he returned to the US and was ordered to duty under instructions to submarines. On 20 March 1912 on the USS E-1 (formerly the USS Skipjack) he was awarded the Silver Lifesaving Medal by the Treasury Department for saving W.J. Walsh from drowning. The story goes that Walsh unable to swim was quickly being swept away from the ship by a strong tide, and Nimitz, then a lieutenant, heroically dove into the ocean and swam towards Walsh keeping them both afloat until they were picked up by a small boat. After just one more year commanding Atlantic Submarine Flotilla Nimitz came ashore for duty in connection with the USS Maumee. He was assigned to help build diesel engines for the tanker. That same year Nimitz was sent to study engines in Germany’s and Belgium’s diesel
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plants. After coming back from his study he became the executive and engineering officer
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ADM Nimitz - Admiral Chester William Nimitz was born on 24...

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