history quiz #2 terms contd

history quiz #2 terms contd - Charles Grandison Finney...

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Charles Grandison Finney (August 29 , 1792 – August 16 , 1875 ) The most successful northern evangelist was a lawyer named Charles Grandison Finney. In the winter of 1830-1831, he preached for six months in Upstate New York and helped generate 100,000 conversions. He tackled age old questions such as: what is an individual’s role in earning salvation? Finney insisted that it was up to the individual to choose whether or not to be saved. He was an important figure in the Second Great Awakening whose impact on the social history of the United States of America was profound. The Second Great Awakening 1800 –1830s , 1820s and on. ........... was the second great religious revival in United States history, takes place largely in Upstate New York, following the Eerie Canal consisted of renewed personal salvation, people undergo a conversion experience the breeding ground for new impulse of reform: orphanage, prison, prostitution Christ was seen as a kind, sacrificing, feminine character New brand of reform is very class oriented, this social reform feels like moral reform Major leaders included Charles Grandison Finney , Lyman Beecher , Barton Stone , Peter Cartwright , Asahel Nettleton , and James B. Finley
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history quiz #2 terms contd - Charles Grandison Finney...

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