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Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that Euthanasia is not murder Attention: 1. YouTube clip a. Terri Schiavo 2. Gallup Poll Survey a. 60% of Americans support Euthanasia Need: Euthanasia is a widely controversial and ethical dilemma in society 1. What is Euthanasia a. Voluntary Euthanasia b. Involuntary Euthanasia 2. History of Euthanasia a. Where was the practice first legalized? 3. Current State of Euthanasia a. Where is the practice currently legal? b. Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act in 1994 4. Arguments for/against(briefly) Euthanasia a. Brief (one sentence) Con b. Pro i. Quality of Life ii. Economics Costs and human resources iii. Choice (Bottom line)
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Unformatted text preview: Satisfaction: What is the path to finding a concrete solution to Euthanasia? 1. Euthanasia: A case of Individual liberty? 2. Understanding that Euthanasia is not murder Visualize: Hopefully, such a tragic decision will never come across any one of us, but: 1. Picture a loved one, a friend, a neighbor, in a vegetative state beyond return. 2. Imagine if Euthanasia had been accepted in the case of Terri Schiavo 3. Bottom line: Would you want to be on tubes? Action: It is important to understand that Euthanasia is not murder on the part of the Physician, but rather, a case of individual liberty....
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