Lecture #4--Melody

Lecture #4--Melody - Flat-lowering a pitch a half step(b...

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Music in Civilization September 10, 2007 Lecture #4 MELODY Melody -is the element of music that deals with pitch Pitch -is the highness or lowness of sound EX: L gives a sound L/2 gives the same pitch but occular Octave -space between two pitches Western European system (ESSAY #2) We divide the octave into a certain number of pitches 7 different pitches (Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do): Others use pitches to divide octaves Germanic countries- C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D-E Scale -Italian word “scala” Diatonic scale -an arrangement of pitches where there are seven different pitches focusing on the first pitch which is the ‘tonal center’ Half step -the smallest interval you have in the western system Major Scale -determined by the arrangement of whole steps and half steps Minor Scale -a scale that begins whole step, half step, whole step Sharp -raise a pitch or frequency of vibration by half tone (#)
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Unformatted text preview: Flat-lowering a pitch a half step (b) Chroma-means “color” in Greek-refers to use of half steps and whole steps (color= black/white keys) Harmony-based on melody-is the element of music that concerns itself with the simultaneous sounding of pitches Chord-at least two or three pitches Triad-three pitches that have an arrangement -spaces out the pitches-skipping of notes (chord of C-E-G) Major triad-one that has a large space between the first pitch and second, etc-C-E-G-Minor triad-shrinking the distance between the first and second notes of the triad Dissonance-sound can be dissonance if the sound is harsh, unpleasant Consonance-generally a restful or harmonic sound Eastern melody is much more complicated that western melody Eastern Asian West-African Melody 6 10 3 Harmony 10 1 4...
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Lecture #4--Melody - Flat-lowering a pitch a half step(b...

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