Lecture #1--Elements of music

Lecture #1--Elements of music - -playing C G(Timbre&...

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Music in Civilization August 27, 2007 Lecture #1 Elements of Music Timbre (tam-bur) -what it is that is making the sound Ex: 2 different timbres -flesh against metal Independent -metal against metal Variables (don’t rely on each other) Rhythm -flow of music in time -duration Melody -relates to the arrangements of pitches Ex: Playing the piano
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Unformatted text preview: -playing C G (Timbre & rhythm stays the same,-playing G C melody changes) Harmony-refers to the simultaneous sounding of pitches Texture-the way melodies combine -simple vs. complex ways Form-overall shape of a piece-refers to how all of these elements (above) change Rapping-vocal timbre-certain parts of it...
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