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anthro critical response

anthro critical response - Anthropology Professor Grove...

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Anthropology Professor Grove November 15, 2007 “Global Food Politics” by Philip McMichael What is a “free” market? What are the rules of this sort of a market? According to Rothbard, a free market is “an array of exchanges that take place in society.” Rothbard explains that this type of an exchange, whether it may be tangible goods or services, is a voluntary one between two or more parties. He explains that “both parties undertake the exchange because each expects to gain from it…trade, or exchange, is engaged in precisely because both parties benefit; if they did not expect to gain, they would not agree to the exchange.” Philip McMichael’s critical analysis “Global Food Politics” discusses the not widely known issue that faces and affects the agriculture industry: Is the practice of food trade and exchange fair? This analysis presents the reader with an overview of how though it seems the United States is a free market, the World Trade Organization,
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