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english causeeffect paper - Tahnee Neal English 15 Cause...

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Tahnee Neal English 15 Cause and Effect Paper In the media influenced world Americans live in today, women have it very rough. The media tells them that they should look a certain way, walk a certain way and talk a certain way. It tells them that they are never good looking enough until they are stick thin, and wearing designer clothes with the best hair and makeup done. Anywhere women go, especially in the United States, they cannot escape the idea that somewhere, someone is judging them on their appearance. It’s not just women that are affected either, more young girls and teenagers than ever are being diagnosed with eating disorders. For my cause and effect paper, I will be discussing the effects of the media on young girls today, which includes eating disorders, low self esteem, and many emotional problems. In the past 25 years, eating disorders have sadly gained in popularity. Everyone from movie stars to the average girls next door have one. For some girls that deal with it, they think that nothing is wrong with them, and that they are living perfectly fine. Others realize what they are doing to their bodies but the control that they have over what they eat is just to addicting. One of the main
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reasons that girls develop eating disorders today is because of the media. Everywhere girls look, be it in a magazine, on the TV or in the movies, actresses
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english causeeffect paper - Tahnee Neal English 15 Cause...

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