World Region Midterm questions[1]

World Region Midterm questions[1] - Why do we live in the...

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Why do we live in “the age of the American Empire”? (2 reasons) 1) Fully connected world 2) America is the only superpower, although is changing fast Who are the declared nuclear powers? o U.S., China, France, U.K., Russia, India/Pakistan o Israel – has never admitted o North Korea and Iran – soon What is a region? o Space, borders, and similarities What physical factor most affects our lives? o Climate What is the number one reason the Rainforests are being cleared? o Ranching What kills more than anything in the world? o Malaria What will wars soon be fought for and where? o Water, in the Middle East What is Boyer’s 50% rule? o if the landscape is over 50% covered with vegetation it is a steppe climate, if not it is desert. How do we subdivide the tropics? o precipitation What form does most winter precipitation fall in the Cool Forest? o Snow Why is precipitation generally low in the Sub Arctic? o due to cold air masses inability to hold moisture (dry air) What mountains, similar to the Appalachians only average 2-5 thousand feet in elevation? o The Western Ghats in India True or False: Africa is not known for a lot of mountain ranges? o True Why is China’s President Hu one of the world’s most important leaders? o His presidency has no terms and China is becoming a huge consumer resource for fuel in contest with America World regions in decreasing order are: o East Asia o India o Sub-Sahara Africa o S.E. Asia o Middle East o South America o Western Europe o North America o Eastern Europe o Russia o Japan
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o Mexico o Central Asia o Caribbean o Australia What number represents the current replacement level? (when fertility rate replaces death rate) o When the fertility rate is 2.1 What stage is India in on the demographic transition graph? o Between 2 and 3, leaning towards 3 In the mature industrial stage what happens to education? o It increases for everyone What is Fertility rate? o How many children a woman has in her lifetime What will happen in stage five of the demographic replacement level graph? o
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World Region Midterm questions[1] - Why do we live in the...

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