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english process paper - Tahnee Neal English 15 Process...

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Tahnee Neal English 15 Process Paper Since early August of 2006, I have been an employee at American Eagle Outfitters in Ross Park Mall. I have loved their clothing for many years, and when it was time to work, I decided that would be the right place for me. The job was mo re then just folding shirts and selling outfits to customers. Once the doors close for the night, a 2 hour straightening process starts to make the store look perfect. Whenever I was schedule I somehow always got put on the jean wall, which is a tedious process to make look good, especially during the back to school or Christmas season. The process I will describe is how to make the perfect jean wall, up to American Eagle standards. To start off, you first need to get a cart or make sure there is some other flat surface around you that can be used to set the jeans on. Then you observe the jean wall and see what sizes need to be added to the wall. The sizes at AE run from 0-14. They go in numerical order from top to bottom and on every shelf there should be 7
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pairs of jeans. After you write down what sizes are needed, you must go to the stockroom and get whatever is needed. You bring them back out, and now you’re
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english process paper - Tahnee Neal English 15 Process...

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