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Neal 1 Tahnee Neal Kinesiology 60 Behavioral Growth Project Area for Improvement: Getting more sleep Goal: My goal for this project is to go to sleep every night during the week before 12am. Current Health Status: I have chosen this goal because as of right now, I do not get enough sleep. My normal night consists of me going to sleep around 1-130am. I have to either be up for class at 900am or 925am each day of the week. By going to sleep this late, I am always tired and in a bad mood in the mornings. I never want to attend class and would rather sleep. I have been following the pattern of falling asleep in the morning hours since I graduated high school. All summer I would stay up late and wake up late, but when I got into college I would still stay up late but could not sleep in late. My current health status is very good. I have never been seriously ill until this summer when I contracted mono in May and a sinus infection in August. Before that, I had not been at a doctor for being sick since I was in 8 th grade and I had an ear infection. I rarely get colds but I do tend to get coughs quite often when the weather turns cold. Right now I
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This note was uploaded on 03/18/2008 for the course KINES 060 taught by Professor Mcintosh,johnber during the Fall '07 term at Pennsylvania State University, University Park.

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kines60project - Neal 1 Tahnee Neal Kinesiology 60...

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