BIO Sept4Lec - 4September2008 (ppt) RoutineClassMatters~

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4 September 2008 (ppt) Routine Class Matters ~ Reading assignments Today: Pages 296-299, and 304-312) ALL questions about enrollment and lab scheduling Please contact Kathy (kma11). PLEASE REGISTER YOUR i<CLICKERS ` see tutorial on BLACKBOARD for help. (ppt) Continue our discussion of what science is … Harry referred to his snake (Figure 1.8 B, C, D and E) to help illustrate Hypothesis-Based Science. o Be able to refer to the images Figure 1.8B, C, D and E and answer the following about the case study of Hypothesis-Based science using King Snakes & Brown Snakes as an example. What function do Control groups serve (what would be the control for this example?) What function do Experimental groups serve (what would be the control for this example?) What are Control variables? (ppt) This ppt slide re-visits our inquiry into what science is. Can you define what science is? What is science dependent on (see underlined terms on ppt) Can there be alternative explanations in science —what can you conclude from lecture? (ppt) Magazine covers (Times, News Week) emphasizing that: Science touches all our lives Reference to science throughout our daily lives (if you look for it) What is the difference between science and technology? o Technology is the application of science. Some of the most contentious ethical issues of our times hinge on biological underpinnings. (ppt) Clicker Question: Answer = A (ppt) We will spend approximately 3 weeks examining the diversity of life . There are 10’s of millions of species on Earth, however, you only need to learn a fraction of this Do you recognize the bones found in the wing of a bat? (e.g. ulna, radius and humorous) Is the flying fox really a member of the Family Canidae? No, but it is a mammal. (ppt)
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BIO Sept4Lec - 4September2008 (ppt) RoutineClassMatters~

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