psychology 6.25

psychology 6.25 - Cognitive psychology Neissers definition...

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Introduction to cognitive science: Su 2008 Psychology - Outline page 1 of 4 Cognitive psychology Neisser’s definition o All processes by which sensory input is transformed, reduced, elaborated, stored, recovered and used Reisberg’s definition o The empirical investigation of mental processes and activities used in perceiving, remembering, and thinking, and the act of using those processes Empirical research Rationalism o An approach to knowledge that works by determining what must be true is we assume that certain Empiricism o Reliance on experience & observation for knowledge o Empirical research requires hypotheses and observations Theory of the heliocentric universe as a (non-psychological) example of observational research Psychology is an empirical branch of research o Create a hypothesis about the cognition Test it to see if it correctly predicts future observations Statistical Research Psychology is a statistical science o Naturally occurring phenomena tend to have distributions o We typically have a hypothesis that says two groups differ on a particular variable of interest above and beyond the range in the bell curve Independent variable: The underlying difference we think leads to our effect (the variable of interest) Dependent variable: The observable difference (based on our IV) The world vs. observation of the world
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psychology 6.25 - Cognitive psychology Neissers definition...

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