philosophy 6.24 - Does the soul exist separate from the...

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Introduction to cognitive science: Su 2008 Philosophy - Outline page 1 of 4 Does the soul exist separate from the body? o More generally, do things other than material stuff exist? o If so, what purpose do they serve? Folk psychology of the mind & the brain The brain is made up of physical stuff , neurons, electrical impulses, chemical messenger systems. .. o Does it contain my knowledge that pi = 3.14159? The Brain and brain events have physical properties o Do mental events have physical properties? My brain is finite, but pi is infinite. How does it fit? Intuitively, brain and mind are qualitatively different Dualism A collection of philosophical views in which the mind exists independent from the brain/body o Three types Interactionism Parallelism Epiphenomenalism Plato & Socrates The Meno (ca. 400BC) o Attempt to show that all knowledge is innate Something has to retain knowledge before/after birth & death Hence the soul is distinct from the body René Descartes Meditations on first philosophy (Early 17 th century) Two arguments for the existence of the mind separate from the body o Argument 1: Cogito Ergo Sum (I think therefore I am) The “malignant demon” argument Since the body has a property the mind does not they must be distinct entities Relies on Leibniz’s Law (of the identity of indiscernibles) Two objects X and Y are identical if o All the properties of X are also properties of Y o All the properties of Y are also properties of X If X has a property Y does not, then o X and Y are not identical objects But it does so incorrectly since Leibniz’s Law is not true of beliefs about objects
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philosophy 6.24 - Does the soul exist separate from the...

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