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class notes history 101 march 19

class notes history 101 march 19 - -A global network of...

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The nation-state as a “imagined community” The individual is expected t share an intellectual and emotional bond with all members of the national community even though there may be tens or hundreds of millions of them. - The state has good reasons to promote the nation as imagined community. How does it do this? -A common national language -Civic ceremonies and rituals -National currency, flag -History and civic education that makes us feel proud of the nation and loyal to the “system” -National music, dance, literature, and other “folk culture” -Print culture (newspapers, pamphlets, books) Historical Processes Underway on the Eve of the Industrial Revolution (1750)
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Unformatted text preview: -A global network of trade already existed and was growing more complex.-China had the largest, most commercialized economy-India produced fully one quarter of the world’s textiles-Europeans controlled colonies in the Americas that gave them extensive resources, especially commercial crops produced by African slaves.-Europeans states were engaged in wars with each other around the world, but Britain was becoming dominant in naval power-The potential for world economic growth under the biological old regime was coming to an end....
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