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History 101 World History Historical Thinking Page Week 9 March 17-21 Your Name:____________________________________________________ Your Section No. and Leader’s Name:________________________________ Read: Marks,  Origins of the Modern World , Ch 4: The Industrial Revolution and Its Consequences (108- 121); Reilly,  Worlds of History , Ch 6: Enlightenment and Revolution (193-94), Selection 36 (203-207),  Selection 39 (217-219)204-205 1.  How did opium help shift the balance of economic power in the world from China to Europe  (specifically to Britain)? China was the leading country in power when the west turned to them to for  spices and tea. During this period China was going through a silver and copper crisis. The East India 
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Unformatted text preview: Company which was a British trading company began trading silver for tea as the demand for tea in Europe began increasing. This caused a huge debt for the East India Company who then turned to opium to trade. 2. Referring to Reilly’s Selection 36 (The American Declaration of Independence) and Selection 39 (Toussaint L’Ouverture: Letter to the Directory), can you detect fundamental political principles or ideas that the authors of the declaration and the letter share? If so, what are they?...
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