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Derek Ems-Milton Essay - 1 Derek Ems Professor Halpern Beth...

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1 Derek Ems Professor Halpern/ Beth Steedley Milton Paper/ Prompt 3 April 28, 2008 When one thinks of Satan, adjectives such as evil, wicked, and immoral come to mind . This is only partially correct when analyzing Satan in John Milton’s, Paradise Lost . In book 4 of this epic poem, Satan’s true character is brought to light in his soliloquy . This soliloquy reveals that Satan is a confused and complex character that displays his internal strife by doing evil . During this soliloquy, he is speaking to the sun like it is God and is angered by it because it reminds him of his fallen condition and the grandeur he once had in heaven . The anger that Satan has is due to God . Satan is angry with God because God wants all of his creations to express gratitude towards him for their creation . In this soliloquy Satan decides that he can no longer repent and will make evil and all that it brings his duty for him and all of his followers . This soliloquy is a major evolutionary crossroad for Satan’s character . He enters the soliloquy full of regret for his current condition . Satan misses being in heaven and now hates seeing the rays of the sun that emanate from it: “O Sun, to Ems
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2 tell thee how I hate thy beams that bring to my remembrance from what state I fell…” (4 .37-39). He regrets that now he and his followers must live a life of torture. Satan says to himself that what he had to do in heaven was not difficult . He only had to give God praise . “Nor was His service hard: What could be less than to afford Him praise, the easiest recompense, and pay him thanks?” (4 .45-47). The economy of heaven is flawed . In order to pay off your debt to God for your creation you have to exhibit gratitude towards him . This gratitude has to be continuous or
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Derek Ems-Milton Essay - 1 Derek Ems Professor Halpern Beth...

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